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Bluechip Asset Management is an appraisal and asset management services company specializing in the equipment finance industry, the ABL industry, and bank commercial lenders. Staff appraisers have over 25 years of experience in machinery and equipment appraisals, spanning a wide variety of assets from basic industry: covering construction, high technology, medical, mining, processing, rail, transportation and diverse assets.

About Us

BCAM’s asset valuation professionals have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries to provide valuation solutions for machinery and equipment and other personal property. BCAM provides field inspections and complete USPAP compliant appraisals for a wide range of valuation requirements, including but not limited to:

BCAM provides a complete range of asset management services for equipment finance, including residual evaluation, vendor and market studies, portfolio reviews, FAS 13 / 44 impairment reviews, asset inspections, contract on-lease remarketing, and off-lease equipment sales. Please see the Services page for a more complete listing of asset management services.


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