Collateral Gap Analysis

Collateral Gap Analysis – Your Swiss Army Knife for Underwriting Decisions

Bank commercial lenders, asset-based lenders, SBA lenders, bankruptcy administrators, and buyers and sellers of businesses need reliable analysis of collateral values for pledged and other ...
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Valuing Solar Energy Projects

Best Practices in Valuing Solar Energy Projects

According to appraisal standards, when valuing equipment like solar facilities, appraisers should consider three valuation approaches: the market approach, cost approach, and income approach. Then ...
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a man with the appraisal

Appraisal Methodology: Market Approach, Income Approach, Cost Approach

Overview Compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, industry best practices, and common sense dictate that any machinery and equipment appraisal should consider ...
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How Inflation is Affecting Asset Values and Appraisals

Inflation is a hot topic in the financial world, as it can have a significant impact on the value of assets and appraisals. As the ...
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How to Hire an Equipment Appraiser

Overview Outside appraisals are often required by credit committees of banks and financial institutions. This is necessary to mitigate and protect the lender’s financial risk ...
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Asset Remarketing – How to Maximize Recoveries

Overview Remarketing of assets is required to maximize recoveries, limit losses, and achieve the highest return on equipment investments. To maximize returns, it is important ...
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How to Interpret Market Sales Data for Asset Valuation

This article describes how to read and interpret and use market sales comparison data, to effectively translate actual market data into asset valuation for collateral, ...
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Hospital Appraisals

Hospital Appraisals – How to Value the Hospital Assets

This article describes a general approach to valuation of hospital assets. Values depend on age, condition, specific OEM model numbers, and a host of other ...
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Equipment Appraisers

ASA Certification for an Appraisal – Why Does it Matter?

Why a Certified Appraisal Matters There are several certifying and regulating entities governing machinery and equipment appraisers, in the U.S. and internationally. We will focus ...
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How to Value Class 8 Tractors

Overview The Class 8 tractor market has experienced rollercoaster peaks and valleys the last 3 years, and some stability – return to normal – is ...
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Valuation of Solar Assets

What is a Residual Value for Equipment Leasing, and How is it Determined?

Overview In the equipment leasing industry, a residual value is the leasing company’s equity investment in the lease. It is, nominally, the value of the ...
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Working with an outside appraiser

How to Manage and Work with Outside Appraisers

Hire smart. Selection of the right appraiser is the most important determinant of a successful appraisal that will be accurate, credible, and done on time. ...
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