Valuation of Solar Assets

Overview In the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 50%. Installations surged in 2016 ahead of potential expiration of the ITC, but an extension …

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Importance of Asset Management in Food Processing Industry

Asset management in the food and beverage industry is gaining more and more important to ensure the balance between cost and asset performance as customers’ …

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Transportation Asset Management – A Complete Guide

Introduction Asset management in the transportation industry is gradually gaining momentum. Asset management is a business process that helps boost trade and deals. Asset management …

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Asset Management: All You Need To Know

Definition The term “asset management” refers to the financial service of managing assets by means of financial instruments with the aim of increasing the invested …

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Fair Market Value and Orderly Liquidation Value

When Do I Use Fair Market Value and Orderly Liquidation Value?

When beginning an appraisal, it is important to establish the correct premise of value. The premise of value is the definition of that conclusion of …

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68% – percent of all capital equipment acquired in the US in 2019 was acquired through the use of financing, such as equipment leasing – …

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