BCAM professionals have extensive experience valuing mining machinery and equipment. BCAM recognizes market swings in high-priority mine and mill equipment. We follow the trends and relate the values to mine, mill locations, machinery, placement, and conditions.

BCAM understands draglines to excavators, crushing to production, heavy material handling and processing operations relative to the mine and world markets.

BCAM senior analyst, Alan Iannacito, FASA, has over forty-years-experience in valuing mine, mill, heavy material handling and production facilities throughout North America.

Past Mining Appraisal Engagements:

  • Aggregate plants and quarries
  • Mines and mine processing equipment
  • Surface mining equipment; loaders, belts, substations, high-wall, auger mine
  • Draglines, in coal and large hard rock strip mines
  • Shovels, including open pit and aggregate operations
  • Underground mining, including longwall machinery, belts, air supply, transportation
  • Continuous mining, pillar mining, coal breakers, man cars, roof bolters
  • Locomotives, ore cars, processing machinery

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