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Appraisal and Asset Management Services

Industrial Machinery and Equipment Appraisals By Accredited Appraisers

A company has to go through several situations throughout its lifecycle. It becomes necessary for owners to know their business machinery & equipment-related assets accurately. We understand that every business is unique to its competitive environments, management skills, economic influences, and fiscal history. That’s why we provide accredited/certified machinery and equipment appraisal services for any project and purpose. We look at industrial machinery and equipment valuation aspects, including bankruptcy, litigation, leasing, financing, acquisitions, accounting, insurance, donation, allocation of value, tax, and everything in between.

Get Detailed Heavy Equipment Appraisal Reports By Certified Professionals

Our valuation report is made after thorough research, and it includes a detailed report summarizing our sources and methodologies while carefully itemizing the valued assets. All our valuation reports are accredited through the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and are agreeable to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Whether you need equipment appraisal services for CNC machines, mills, Grinders, or Lathes, for an entire manufacturing unit or a single chine, we can help you through a reliable valuation of your equipment. We work with our customers to offer the valuation services that suit their needs, estate planning, equipment financing, tax purposes, sale/purchase, or insurance. Our on-staff appraisers will use their proficiency to give you heavy equipment appraisal that is accurate and trustworthy.


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